Mr. C.K. CHO
Barrister, LLB (Hons.)

Mr. Cho is a former senior member of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), where he investigated corruption, fraud and related offences as a Chief Investigator. Since 1974 he has conducted many complex fraud and corruption investigations receiving commendations for his outstanding performance.

In 1991 Mr. Cho was appointed as the Head of the ICAC Legal Research and Management Services Unit where he was responsible for designing a fraud risk management programme with internal control policies and procedures relating to human resources management, corporate security; personal data privacy and investigation of internal complaints.

After retiring from the ICAC in 2000 he has served as adviser on legal and compliance matters for listed and public companies in Hong Kong and London. 


Mr. Cho lectures at Universities in Hong Kong and Mainland China and conducts training for companies and professional organizations, including law enforcement agencies.


For further details of Mr. Cho’s training and experience please see attached Annex A.



Leon Hill, Principal Consultant
J.D., B.A.

Originally from the United States, Mr. Hill is an experienced military veteran, civil litigator and former criminal prosecutor who has represented a wide variety of clients in civil and criminal cases through investigation, trial and appeal.  After leaving government service he became in-house counsel to television and film production ventures and was a partner in companies offering special commercial intelligence and security services.  In Southeast Asia, he has provided development, transactional and strategic support for creative and performing artists, as well as for television and film productions. 

A popular teacher, Mr. Hill lectures at universities and trade schools in Hong Kong and Mainland China.  He also designs and delivers special training programs for industrial, commercial and professional groups.


Annex A –

Programme Director and Lecturer Professional Diploma in Internal Audit & Control, School of Continuing & Professional Studies. Chinese University (Since 2009)

This Programme provides a unique professional training and development opportunity for individuals who are keen to pursue a career in internal audit and enterprise risk management. It aims to prepare participants to sit for the professional examination of the Institute of Internal Audit (IIA), leading to the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) professional designation, a globally recognized Certification for internal auditors.

School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professional Diploma Programme in Fraud Examination, cycle 1 and 2

This course provided professional training to participants in enhancing and broadening the professional knowledge and practice on fraud examination and related practice; understanding the principles and professional practice in fraud investigation; mastering the skills and techniques in effective fraud examination and investigation activities; and enhancing their professional ability to become a competent fraud examiner.

Kaplan Financial Hong Kong Conversion Programme (LAW) accredited by HKICPA

This course is designed for graduates without any professional degrees in the field of accounting, intended to serve as a preparation for the Qualification Programme (QP) of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) through professional training. The course is approved by HKICPA. Course topics included Hong Kong Legal System, Contract Law, Sale of Goods Regulations, Tort, Employment Law and Company law.

Beijing Normal University Hong Kong Baptist University United International College Visiting Lecturer in Law


Barrister, The Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn United Kingdom (1989);

Barrister, The High Court of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (1989);


Barrister, and Solicitor, Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory (1990);


Barrister, High Court of Australia (1990).

Former Investment Adviser regulated by the Securities and Futures

Commission Hong Kong (December 2002 to July 2003) Certified Fraud Examiner (2004)


Bachelor of Laws (Second Class Honours (Lower Division)) University of London (1988);

Diploma in Management Studies awarded jointly by The Hong Kong Management

Association and Hong Kong Polytechnic (1984);

Diploma on Practices in Chinese Laws and Regulations Affecting Foreign Business, awarded jointly by the Southwest University of Political Science & Law, China and The Hong Kong Management Association (1987);

Certificate in Chinese Law, Fudan University, Shanghai, China (1999); Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination Hong Kong (2001);

Securities Institute Regulatory Paper – Securities Institute United Kingdom (2001) (For Approved Person);

Certificate in Securities – Paper 2 Securities Institute United Kingdom (2001) (For Approved Person);

Hong Kong Securities Institute Financial Market Principal Programme Examination.

(For appointment to the position of Director of a licensed Investment Adviser Corporation in Hong Kong.) (2002)


Most outstanding student, Personnel Orientation, Diploma in Management Studies (1984)

Most outstanding student, Diploma in Management Studies (1974-1984)


Mr. G.E. Stockwell, Director of Operations Independent Commission Against Corruption
“Commended for detecting ability, dedication and professionalism displayed whilst member of a team investigating a protracted, complex corruption based fraud perpetrated against an international bank based in UK wherein the bank was at risk to the value of HK$740 million. (1982).” Sir Michael Ogden Q.C., 2 Crown Office Row, Temple London EC4Y 7 HJ

“In 1978 the Government of Hong Kong instructed Sir Michael to go to Hong Kong to act for the Independent Commission Against Corruption in the prosecution of 35 police officers. The case was one of great complexity. Apart from investigations of an ordinary nature of the kind expected in such case, complex investigations has to be undertaken, both in Hong Kong and in other countries, in tracing money and examining the financial affairs of the Defendants. C.K.CHO was responsible for these investigations, which he carried out with great skill and pertinacity.”

At the conclusion of the trial Sir Michael made a written commendation concerning him to the Director of Operations of the Independent Commission Against Corruption.”


Chairman of Committee on Knowledge Management, Institute of Management Consultants Hong Kong Chapter. (2006-2007)

President, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners,

Hong Kong Chapter. (2008-2009)

Vice President, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Hong Kong Chapter (2006-2007)

Training Director, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Hong Kong Chapter (2005)