About us

CK Cho Ltd was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2008. We are an international, select group of former law enforcement, military and intelligence officers with specialized knowledge and experience in investigations and security. We provide a wide range of services including special investigations, litigation support, expert witness reports and testimony, worldwide background checks for companies, individuals and transactions, consultations for compliance, due diligence, counter-fraud and money laundering services, environmental and personal security reviews with corrective actions, commercial intelligence services, and training in matters of Chinese law and the common law, law enforcement, investigations, security, forensic accounting and other special topics. We specialize in building bridges of trust and integrity to link commercial interests in the West with China, Hong Kong and other areas in the Asia Pacific region. Our clients include Fortune 500 clients operating in Mainland China among others. While our work is routinely confidential, upon request we are willing to seek permission from some of our clients to disclose our professional relationship and to offer endorsements of our services. We routinely manage employee complaints and whistleblower reports regarding fraud and other illegal activities in compliance with the principles of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.